Beauté Pacifique Instant Hydrating Mask recovers lost moisture in dull, dry skin. It features moisture-retaining ingredients to hold skin hydration and form a water-retaining barrier. Vitamin A derivatives work to reduce fine lines and the signs of ageing whilst optimising moisture levels.


Apply to the face and neck 2 to 3 times a week after cleansing. Apply liberally and leave to work for five to ten minutes. Allow to penetrate deeply. Rinse with water or wipe with a tissue before applying a toner and a preferred anti-ageing and moisturising cream.
Tip: This product may also be used as a leave-on night cream to lock-in moisture and maintain optimal hydration.
Tip: Ideal treatment after a day's exposure to elements, such as sun and wind.


Size 100ml

Beaute Pacifique Instant Hydrating Mask

SKU: A0200301