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CUSTOM treatments

This service is perfect for when you just need a break from your busy day (or want a bit of 'me time'!), or you're looking to maintain your skin treatment results. All you have to do is choose a time frame that works for you, and The Beauty Bar will create a custom treatment just for your skin. Sit back and relax!

Try one of our Levels of Treatment below, and get ready for glowy, youthful looking skin. 

You pick the time frame that works for you, and we'll do the rest!




Perfect for those unsure what to select, commences with an expert skin analysis this level will focus on an exfoliation treatment plus providing hydration and nourishment to the skin.

Great for those new to clinical treatments or are already on a skincare routine and wanting to maintain optimal skin health. 

Can be made pregnancy safe.

45 MINUTES | $165



Perfect for those unsure what modalities to select, commences with an expert skin analysis.

This level is perfect for those either looking to commit to professional skin treatment or wanting the extra 'wow!' factor. We focus on addressing specific skin concerns in a Level 2 Treatment Plan.

Can be made pregnancy safe.

60 MINUTES | $220


LEVEL three

A Level 3 Custom Treatment begins with a thorough analysis by our experts, taking 75 minutes to try out various options.


Our aim at this level is to find the perfect combination of treatments and products that willl give you the glowing, healthy skin you've always wanted.

Can be made pregnancy safe.

75 MINUTES | $299


LEVEL four

Experience the 'Ultimate' with either our 'Red Carpet Glow' or the 'Beyond Botox Facial' to exfoliate, brighten, tighten, detoxify and nourish your skin to look and feel stunning!

If there have been any areas of concerns addressed, this 90 minutes will utilise the best treatments for remedying them.

90 MINUTES | $360


SWiCH Treatments, Advanced Ethanol Peels, IPL, Laser and Skin Needling are NOT INCLUDED in the above Treatments.

Still not sure? Get in touch and we'll help you out. 

“Hello Carrie, Just texting you to let you know that your recommended products I purchased have made the world of difference to my face. Thank you!” - Annie Harslett


The Beauty Bar are your experts in skin treatments, including Circadia® Facial Treatments, treatments for hair removal, back facials, treating acne, rosacea, pigmentation, laser treatments and more.

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