Very effective Vitamin A night cream that prevents and improves the appearance of aging and sun damage, oily and acne prone skin, and thin and lose skin

Suitable for all skin types. Contains two forms of Vitamin A in a a patented, Squalane based delivery system. The appearance of the skin will be as that of younger skin. Reduces the production of sebum in the skin and contains Propolis to fight impure skin, also in younger skin. Rooibos and Hordeum Vulgare are added which reduce skin irritation and redness and combat new appearance of sun damage.


Apply the cream in a thin layer in face and neck. Start with only using the cream every other night for a couple of weeks in order to gradually condition the skin and to avoid redness from appearing. If redness is occurred stop using the cream and let the skin calm down. Then reintroduce cream again, but at a slower pace.


Size 50ml

Beaute Pacifique Anti Age Night Cream