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The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa Dallas, Texas USA 2019

I recently took a trip to America to attend The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa in Dallas, Texas.

Being the industry's premier show to connect with thousands of the world's most influential and experienced skin care professionals this was a major highlight for my career! After having a moment of 'this is so strange being surrounded by yankee accents' I didn’t waste time in exploring what was on offer!

The congress provided superior education, expert guided conferences, main stage presentations, hands on workshops and dynamic show floors that featured the largest display for skin care, beauty products, technology, ideas and treatments for therapists to source and experience.

If you don’t already know, one of my biggest fears is for my business (The Beauty Bar) and of my education falling behind times, of not being able to provide the best of the best in quality of services and products because I choose to live in the beautiful remote north of Australia. I have always been determined to provide the latest and highest quality in treatments to all clients who also enjoy being in the remote beauty of the Kimberley and NT, so this was my aim of my trip. I have to say I got a nice surprise!

After attending a few hands-on workshops and lectures, I was soon reassured that my level of education and skills as a Dermal Therapist and the quality of work I deliver is totally up there with the best.

One workshop I attended in particular was with Celebrity Brow Artist Kelley Baker. Her celebrity clients include Khloe and Kourtney Kadashian, Arian Grande, Shay Mitchell and more. The questions Kelley asked her clients, and the way Kelley prepped, trimmed, waxed, shaped and finished her brows was the same style I do myself. Yes……..let me at those Kardashians now! I could quite confidently take over if Kelley was having a sick day!

Myself with Michael Pugliese

My absolute ultimate highlight and starstruck moment of the entire Congress was meeting and having a conversation with Michael Pugliese, CEO of Circadia and The Circadia Institute of Advanced Esthetics. I was super impressed with how much passion and knowledge this man oozed. And I may have had a tiny crush that day..

Before introducing Circadia to The Beauty Bar, I spent 12 months researching and educating myself with the products and experiencing the treatments by a very trusted and enthusiastic Dermal Therapist acquaintance, Rachael Starkie of My Skin Boutique in Perth. The innovative ingredient technology, advanced variety of treatments and just feeling and seeing my skin go 'next level' attracted me to continue pursuing this product line. And I'm glad I did!

After attending many of Michael Pugliese's lectures on a variety of subjects; including New Advancements in Pigmentation, 5 P's of Chemical Peeling, The Latest Advancements In Performance Skin Care I soon was aware that this is a man with a true belief and zest for his company.

Circadia®, developed on the effects of chronobiology and circadian rhythms, leads the industry in the utilisation of targeted ingredient technologies, a result of their long standing relationship with raw material suppliers. It was exciting to be one of the first to be informed of 7 new ingredients that scientist have discovered in which Circadia is already in the process of taking on and introducing before any other product line. After meeting and listening to Michael I feel so reassured that The Beauty Bar is offering and delivering industry leading treatments and products to the Kimberley and NT. My fear has turned to contentment!

Dallas itself was a very friendly and interesting city, though it seemed that on almost every corner there was a memorial plaque for someone that had been shot. The history I learnt while in Texas was most definitely intriguing….but I am so glad I live in Australia!

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