Skin Packages

Carrie at The Beauty Bar treats your skin as individual as you are and believes in customising packages just for your skin after a full consultation. 

In addition to your customised skin package Carrie has put together some results proven packages to maintain your skins health.

4 Peel n Lights

Combine both results and relaxation together with this program to replenish moisture levels and revitalise the appearance of dull skin while stimulating cell energy boosting collagen and elastin production. Yes please!

Price $475

Treatment Plan Includes:

4 x monthly treatments of Lactic and LED

Circadia SWiCH Dermal Rejuvenation Program

A fortnightly program extending over 4 months alternating between the Circadia Raspberry Enzyme Treatment and the Circadia SWiCH Treatment. SWiCH on your skins natural repair mechanism by enhancing energy production enhancing optimal skin health.

Price $800

Treatment Plan Includes:

4 x Raspberry Enzyme

4 x Circadia SWiCH Dermal Rejuvenation System

LED Light Therapy

For ultimate long term results that will have your skin energised and glowing treat yourself to a series of 9 LED Light Therapy Treatments over four weeks Not only do the lights release serotonin to make us feel good it will stimulate cell and tissue regeneration, reducing wrinkles and creating a tighter, smoother, brighter skin.

Price $549

Treatment Plan Includes:

9 x LED Express Facials

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