Skin Consultation + Treatment

Your first step to healthy, glowing skin.

It is recommended for all new clients to book a skin consultation. This is an education experience for those wanting their skin to discover the benefits of clinical treatments and cosmeceutical ingredients,

Includes either a enzyme or hydrodermabrasion treatment depending on what is suitable.


The Beauty Bar provides advanced skin treatments through the use of highly active ingredients and technology.

A skin consultation is vital for all new clients to determine your skins health enabling Carrie to gain an understanding of your skin's past, treat your skin's present and guide you to a healthy skin future. Carrie will also ensure you are educated on 'your' skin, the correct use of products at home and will give the best recommendations of products and relevant treatments. After your treatment a plan will be devised together to help achieve your skin goals.



Consultation + Skin Treatment $190

Allow up to 90 minutes

Virtual Skin Consultation 30 minutes $50

Virtual Product Review 15 minutes free


skincare in katherine

The Beauty Bar has proudly teamed up with the Katherine Women's Crisis Centre. This is an initiative to donate all your unused products sitting in your bathroom cabinet. Lets spread some love in the community and bring in your products you no longer use into your Skin Consultation or next appointment at The Beauty Bar. Lets help these women regain their self worth, dignity and feel loved so they can move forward. #beagoodhuman

Katherine Womens Crisis Centre