Milk protein, vitamins, natural essences of plants, oat and wheat gluten help to retain moisture and naturally brighten the skin.


Skin Type Indications:

Hyperpigmentation and Aged Skin


Feature Ingredients and their Known Benefits:

Lactic acid
Alpha hydroxy acid, stimulates GAGS, and fuctions as a tyrosinase inhibitor

Mandelic acid
Alpha hydroxy acid with tyrosinase inhibiting properties

Oat protein
Powerful antioxidant, anti-irritant

Suprme amande douce Natural (Sweet almond milk)
Nourishing and moisturizing



  • Non-foaming cleanser
  • Gently removes dirt and debris
  • Provides the mild exfoliating benefits of lactic and mandelic acids, these alpha hydroxy acids also provide skin lightening and hydrating properties



Dispense a dime-size amount of cleanser onto fingertips and apply all over face and neck. Rinse well, pat dry and apply Vitamin C Reversal Serum.


Size 236ml

Circadia Amondola Milk Cleanser