Beauté Pacifique Brown Pigment Equalizer is a lotion for use on hyper-pigmented spots to whiten dark skin and even-out blemishes, creating a fairer, more even skin tone. It combines two herbal extracts and a special form of Vitamin C in a unique triple whitening action. All three whitening ingredients have been clinically tested with significant whitening effect. The product influences the enzyme tyrosinase to control the synthesis of melanin. The equalizer works to reduce the production rate of melanin and to partially reverse synthesis for a fairer skin tone. It contains a sunscreen to prevent further skin darkening.


A lotion for use directly on hyper-pigmented spots or more systemic to whiten dark skin and even-out blemishes. Use of a sunscreen is recommended on top of this treatment.


Size 50ml

Beaute Pacifique Tyrostase

SKU: B0500301