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Beaute Pacifique Symphonique Eye Gel

Anti-age Eye Zone Therapy


This advanced Anti-Age Gel rejuvenates your Eye Zone appearance in just 15 minutes by filling in sugar molecule into your wrinkles and fine lines. The entire Symphonique concept (Pat. Pend.) provides a six-pack of highly active Vitamin A types for maximum ant-age effect and is additionally supported by both Botulinum-toxin mimicking and anti-oxidative ingredients.


Apply this product carefully by dabbing only outside the eye bone contours while avoiding direct eye contact.


Unique benefits

  • Instant firming effect with an improved overall younger looking appearance
  • Developed with the latest breakthrough in dermatological Anti-Age research
  • Patent Applied with its six multi-functional Vitamin A types
  • Excellent rejuvenating and revitalizing ingredients working together to become a Symphony of perfect skin care

Beaute Pacifique Symphonique Eye Gel