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Beaute Pacifique Symphonique Day Cream

A Moisturizing Day-Time Cream with advanced nano-technology that readily appears beautifying on the skin upon application. The cream proceeds to penetrate deeply into the skin with a rich palette of anti-aging ingredients, each of which carries its own specific long-term benefits. The Crème Symphonique Line by Beauté Pacifique is based on the latest breakthroughs in dermatological research and is created by Beauté Pacifique with multiple ingredients. Each of these ingredients has a rejuvenating and revitalizing effects, which come together in the Symphonique range to offer you the best possible care for your skin. You only need to apply one or two pumps to cover your face as the cream is very active. Apply it after cleansing - or ideally, after applying Serum Symphonique - and massage it gently and evenly into your skin with your fingertips until the cream is fully absorbed.


Unique Benefits

  • Maximal Anti-Age Power for all your active Day Time hours
  • Moisturizing & Anti-Aging – Works all day long due to its delayed ingredient release
  • Developed to be the ultimate Day Time skin care – Especially formulated for mature skin
  • Programmed for active days- to take over from your Crème Symphonique - Night Time

Beaute Pacifique Symphonique Day Cream