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Beaute Pacifique SuperFruit Moisture Skin

SuperFruit Moisture Enforcement Serum is a unique, water-based serum. Containing extracts of, and juice from the Nordic superfruits Sea Buckthorn, Cloudberry, Lingonberry, Sugar Beet and Birch, it prevents impurities and redness in young skin, while making the skin more even. Two different kinds of the extremely water-binding HYALURONIC ACID provide the skin with a thorough, long-lasting moisture boost, keeping the skin supple. The Serum also contains the B vitamins NIACINAMIDE and PANTHENOL, which enhance the ability of the skin’s outermost barrier to protect it from potential everyday impacts and dehydration. SuperFruit Moisture Serum leaves skin well moisturised and invests it with a natural glow, preparing it well for your favourite day cream and makeup.


Always apply the Serum first - on cleansed skin - and allow it to penetrate well
before applying either day or night cream.


- Provides a powerful, thorough and stable moisture boost
- Prevents impurities and redness
- Invests skin with an even look
- Enhances the skin’s upper barrier
- Lends a natural glow
- Vegan

Beaute Pacifique SuperFruit Moisture Skin Enforcement Serum