This cream is ideal as moisturizing and hydrating cream for men, as it both adds and locks moisture within the skin. Advantages: Immediately hydrates the skin without a greasy feeling, softens the skin without a shine, gives the skin a fresh, masculine appearance and scents. Suitable for all skin types. Contains Squalane which quick penetrates the skin and makes it naturally soft. Keeps skin hydrated  all day with its content of hyaluronic acid. Adds Niacinamide and Sodium PCA which provides extra hydration to avoid dryness also in the skin's upper layers. 


The Cream is gently massaged into the skin with the tips of the fingers on a cleansed skin. Use the product every day in a very thin layer on the face and neck. Adjust your amount to only use a thin layer that immediately penetrates. Using too much cream will make the skin feel greasy, as the skin only absorbs what it needs.


Size 50ml

Beaute Pacifique Masculinity Moisturising Day Creme

SKU: A1000101