Cosmetic Lip Tattoo


Enhance the perfect pout of your natural lip shape

Choose your tone from colours ranging from soft to vibrant in cool and warm tones, from earthy to pinks or just peachy- we custom blend especially for you.

Lip Blushing

Cosmetic lip tattooing, also known as semi permanent makeup, is ideal for women wanting to enhance their lip colour or make their lips more defined, even and fuller. As we age, our lips lose their fullness and colour, becoming thinner and losing their definition. We can overcome this with a semi permanent lip tattoo. Using a method called pixelating, the tattooist deposits small, undetectable dots of pigment to line and shade. The result is a colour that looks as if it could be your own—but with a boost, making them look fuller and more attractive. No more lipstick stains!

We offer :

Aqua lip - natural lip tint with shape enhancement

Ombre lips - more intense outline and concentrated edges with softer inner part of the lip

Full Lip - very concentrated colour


Colour fading can be quite drastic with lips with loss being up to 80% in 6 weeks from initial tattoo.

Why is a cosmetic tattoo semi-permanent?

Treatment area, colour used, age of client and skin condition all play a part in the longevity of your tattoo. Generally,  the darker the pigment, the larger the particle, therefore the longer lasting.

Cosmetic tattoo is implanted into the very top layer of the dermis and lower layers of the epidermis where the colour can be slowly metabolised by the body. The larger the particle, the harder it is for the body to move it – hence the reason why a body tattoo does not disappear.

New Client – from $550 – $650 
Touch up – $100
Maintenance, 1 – 2 years – $225
Maintenance, 2 – 3 years – $375

Appointment Deposits

All new tattoo appointments will require a $200 deposit that will come off the total price on the day.