Cosmetic Brow Tattooing


Cosmetic Tattooing

Also known as semi-permanent makeup is a technique that involves controlled insertion of safe colour pigments into the dermis layer of the skin for enhancement, instantly improving your appearance. Cosmetic tattooing is different to body tattooing as it does not reach the deeper layers of the skin and a different type of ink is used.

Brow Tattooing requires 2 appointments performed 4-8 weeks apart.

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The Procedure

Initial treatment can take 1.5 to 2 hours. Together we decide which permanent eyebrow style is right for you and a suitable colour. Measurements are taken to ensure symmetry and a template is drawn on. Pigment is implanted into the skin using either the digital machine or disposable hand tool. Anaesthetic is continuously applied to decrease any discomfort during the procedure. An aftercare kit and advice is given post treatment.

The Microbladed Brow

This artistic form creates three-dimensional brows rather than a solid brow. This method gives the most natural look as fine hair strokes are created to mimic the look of real hairs. Depending on your needs, brows can be subtly coloured or completely remodelled as each new strand is intricately etched and coloured by hand.

Microblading is a process requiring two appointments as you do lose approximately 40-60% of intense colour during the healing process within 4-14 days. The perfecting touch up session is to evaluate areas which did not hold onto pigment and add in the necessary hair strokes.


The Powder Brow

This process involves the use of a digital machine. The brow is ‘shaded’ into a brand new shape to suit you, which gives the similar effect to a brow filled in with pencil or powder with a soft finish. Great for those wanting a permanent pencilled shaded look. Highly recommended for those with oily skin types and mature skins.


The Combination Brow

This brow is the best of both combining "microblading" and "the powder brow" techniques together to achieve a beautiful natural brow. Hair strokes are applied at the start of the brow and then it is blended into a powder brow at the ends for beautiful definition.

Colour Correction plus New Brows

Colour correcting may be required to go over the existing tattoo that has faded to an incorrect colour due to certain skin types, incorrect pigments previously used, sun exposure and skin care products being used on the skin. Colour correcting is performed at the first visit using corrective pigments. A second appointment is followed 6 weeks later for the new brow to be applied. In some cases a third visit may be required which is an extra charge.

After Care

The eyebrow and surrounding area should be kept dry for 5-7 days. To reduce infection this includes no swimming, saunas, steam, sweat or products on or around the area. Whilst showering keep as dry as possible as this will help the pigment to settle. An aftercare kit is given and explained post treatment.

Colour refreshments are recommended every 12-18 months to keep the brows looking fresh and defined.


Microbladed Brows $500

4-8 week perfection visit $150

Powder Brow $500

4-8 week Perfection Visit $150


Combination Brow $550

4-8 week perfection visit $150


Colour Refreshment

Annual Re-touch (within 18 months) $350

Colour Correction $500

Saline Removal 
Non Laser Removal 1st session $235
Non Laser Removal consecutive sessions $200

Appointment Deposits

All new tattoo appointments will require a $200 deposit that will come off the total price on the day.